Abel Owen Bailey

June 30, 2018

Abel Owen Bailey was born in the evening hours of June 13, 2018. He weighed in at 8 pounds and was 22 inches long.

Abel Owen Bailey

Hudson is adjusting to having a new little brother. My wife and I both thought Hudson was going to have a hard time with her holding the baby and giving Abel attention, when in actuality he gets upset when I hold the baby. I’m sure that will pass with time.

No, the name doesn’t run in our families — we just really loved it. Thanks for your love and support!

Upside-down Truth

February 2, 2018

Tim Ferriss shared this in his 5-Bullet Friday email this morning and I couldn’t help but share this with you.

This poem was apparently written by a New York teen for a school assignment and went viral after a man found a copy of it posted in a London bar.

I’m going to put this up on the wall in my office and read it at the beginning and end of every day. I’ve been desperate to change my mindset on some things. This might just do the trick …

Mavic Pro

July 14, 2017

Ever since I started watching Casey Neistat’s vlogs on YouTube, I’ve had this intense desire to own a drone.

Last week I finally became the proud owner of a DJI Mavic Pro. I’ve only had the chance to take it up in the air twice, but I can unequivocally say that it’s one of the most amazing pieces of technology I own.

I mean, just look at the footage I was able to grab without any knowledge of how the drone or camera works.

I can’t wait to see what I’m able to do with it next week in Costa Rica.

Free is Never Free

April 29, 2017

Great insight from MacSparky on the recent Uber / Unroll.me controversy:

Free is never free. Indeed in this case, where unroll.me is owned by an analytics service, it appears that the entire purpose for the service is to get access to user email data for monetization. So apparently Unroll.me, with access to its user email accounts, collected their Lyft receipts, anonymized them, and sold them to Uber. I’m pretty sure people signing up for unroll.me don’t expect that to happen.

was an Unroll.me user until this story broke. Even though I knew the service was free and that I was probably paying for it with my data – It was easy to forget once the service became an integral part of my workflow.

I have since signed back up for Sanebox (I should have just stayed all along instead of trying to save a few bucks). It’s reassuring to know that, with Sanebox, I won’t be the product because I’m paying for the product.

Source: Free is Never Free — MacSparky

Sorry Evernote. It Really Is Too Little, Too Late

January 20, 2017

After Evernote unveiled their big iOS focused 8.0 update this week, I thought to myself …

“This looks nice. Maybe I should give Evernote another shot.  I mean, I’m not in love with my cobbled together Apple Notes / Dropbox solution. A couple of days messing around with it can’t hurt anything.”

Then, I thought about how much work I had to go through late last year to move the 2000+ files & notes out of my Evernote database because of how little focus they put on improving their core product for so long.


I’ll stick with where I’m at.

Source: Evernote’s redesign is too little, too late – The Verge