Since I received my Apple Watch last month, I’ve been surprised at the amount of people who¬†notice I’m actually wearing the mythical Apple Watch. Equally surprising is the amount of people who say they really want one after seeing mine.

So, how do I like mine? More on that in a week or two. In the meantime, here are my 3 favorite Apple Watch faces.

My favorite Apple Watch faces.

Far and away my favorite face is the first one in the row, known as Modular.

I tend to use this one at work because of how easy it is to gain access to the information I care about during my workday; My next appointment is front and center and the time is pronounced. I use the timer in the bottom left corner to make sure I make it back and forth from my lunch break on time. The color changes based on the color shirt I’m wearing on any given day (Yes. I happened to be wearing orange at the time I took this screenshot).

#2 in my heart is the middle screenshot. This face is known as Utility. You can see where it gets its name from: There’s almost as much information on this face as the Modular face, it’s just displayed in a simpler way. I use this one the weekends when data doesn’t matter as much to me. I still like to see my next appointment on the bottom, with the current temperature and time in LA in the upper left and right corners.

I keep LA time on all my faces because I’m somewhat sentimental about the West Coast. Amy and I lived out there for two years and I definitely miss it at times. Plus, it comes in handy when I’m calling up my best buddy Lawrence to know whether he’s still at work or not.

Finally, we get to #3: Apple’s Simple watch face. Very similar to Utility, this one just removes the bigger numbers and skinnies up the tick marks around the dial. The color of the seconds hand is customizable on both the Simple and Utility faces. I tend to switch between Utility and Simple pretty frequently.