My wife and I pay $40 a month for our cable service and close to $80 for our internet.

TV isn’t the problem anymore when it comes to our cable bill bloat.

Let’s say I decided to cut the cord (but keep the internet service of course), there is no way I’d be able to come close to the value I get out of my cable service at $40 per month with a mishmash of cord cutting services.

If we cut the cord today, these are the four services we’d need to watch all of the shows we currently enjoy watching:

  • Netflix (House of Cards and Orange is the New Black) – $8.99
  • HBO Now (Game of Thrones) – $14.99
  • SlingTV (The Walking Dead and ESPN) – $20
  • Hulu Plus (The Real Housewives … Amy, not me. I swear!) – $7.99

The grand total of those four services? $51.97 per month. Almost $12 more than what we’re currently forking out for probably 200 more channels (granted they’re channels we never watch) and Xfinity On-demand.

As you’ll read in the first link in this week’s CurEight, HBO’s deal with Apple to bring streaming HBO to those without a cable plan only shows what a bargain the current cable bundle really is.

  1. Apple’s deal for HBO Now reminds us why cord cutting remains a misguided fantasy (Venturebeat) – “Still, rather than being a victory for cable cutters, the HBO Now deal with Apple demonstrates just what a bargain the current cable bundle really is.” Spot on.
  2. Ulysses for iPad (iPad App) – This is the writing app for the iPad I have been waiting for. It has received rave reviews from around the internet since its release last week. I know. $20 is a steep price to pay for an app, but this is well worth it if you’re serious about your writing.
  3. Why I Stopped Using “Actually” and “But” In My Customer Service Emails (Buffer) – This post made me realize I use the words “actually” and “but” far too often in my own emails. I was amazed at the difference in tone between a sentence that uses the word “actually” and one that doesn’t. These things we call words are pretty darn powerful, huh?
  4. The new MacBook may be the future, not the present (The Verge) – Apple made a ruckus this week when they unveiled their new MacBook (that’s right – just MacBook) with only one port: a USB Type-C connector. I really don’t know who I’d recommend this computer to at this point. At first I thought this might be a great replacement laptop for Amy (she’s currently on a 2011 MacBook Air), but I think she’d up getting frustrated with its lack of USB ports.
  5. The Futility of Always Pushing Myself to Be More (ZenHabits) – Gosh. This post is beautifully written and exactly how I feel about my drive to improve myself. I haven’t figured out how to be happy with where I’m at and what I’ve achieved; my mindset has always drifted towards doing more and being more.
  6. AnkerCam Wi-Fi Camera – I got a new toy this week! I’m excited to put this to use in our new house (which is almost finished by the way!) as a security camera and, more importantly, a baby monitor.
  7. Grid-It by Cocoon – This is the best $10 – $15 I’ve ever spent. Everywhere I go people first make fun of me for being OCD and then they ask where to get one.
  8. Alto’s Adventure (iPhone / iPad Game) – I picked this one up on the way out to Vail, Colorado so that I could be entertained during the three hour plane ride. Entertain me it did. There’s something strangely addictive about it. I’ve played a million snowboarder going down a mountain type games, but I can’t put this one down.

Time for me to get back to vacation.

Have a great week!

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