My wife wrote a beautiful letter to our unborn son on her blog, The Funky Fork, over the weekend:

I can’t wait to watch your dad love you. Read to you, rock you and teach you everything there is to know about technology and the Jaguars and video games. He’s really excited to meet you! You should have seen his face light up every time he talked about his SON yesterday! You’re really gonna love him, too- he’s the best!

I can’t wait for August to be here.

Now, on to CurEight:

  1. 20 Week (Half-way) Update … Dear Bailey Bean (The Funky Fork) – Naturally, this is #1 on my list for the week.
  2. Facebook Messenger will soon let you chat with stores (Engadget) – Marketers and business owners take note.
  3. Tesla Model S – Your next vehicle will most likely be electric and you will have Tesla to thank for that. They are pushing the entire car industry forward. I had the pleasure of getting to test drive a friend’s Tesla Model S over the weekend and I can’t stop thinking about it.
  4. Here’s how much Steve Jobs used to obsess over presentations (Business Insider) – “Apple’s blockbuster presentations were no happy accident. Jobs used to obsess over them for months beforehand.”
  5. iCloud Photo Library – For years I’ve stressed about finding the perfect solution to access and store the thousands of photos I’ve taken over my lifetime. Well, I think I just found it. Wait until the new Photos app releases with 10.10.3 Yosemite; that’s when you will finally see the true power and flexibility of iCloud Photo Library.
  6. Create a Separate Chrome User Account to Reduce Distractions (Lifehacker) – I use this feature all the time at my job. It is invaluable for accessing services where you have to login with a different username than your personal one. For ex: We use Buffer at The Bailey Group to schedule and share social media content. So, that means I have two accounts with Buffer: a personal and work account. Using this feature built into Chrome, I can stay logged in to both of them at the same time instead of having to constantly switch back and forth.
  7. CrashPlan Cloud Backup – I just had to re-download 25GBs of my personal photo library that was backed-up to CrashPlan because of a stupid mistake I made moving them from Lightroom to the new Apple Photos app. Turns out I left out all of the metadata from the photos I exported from Lightroom, so when I imported them to the Photos app they uploaded in one large chunk instead of being sorted by date.
  8. 5 alternative ways to manage your time (Crew Blog) – I’m always on the hunt for ways to better manage my time. I love the idea of scheduling tasks based on energy level as opposed to focusing on how much time something will take to complete. If you’re about to take on a huge project at 4PM when you typically have exhausted your allotted “focus” energy for the day, then that is a waste of your time. It is better to take care of the smaller, bite sized projects like phone calls and emails.

CurEight is a weekly blog series where, every Monday, I share my 8 favorite discoveries (links, books, apps, quotes, productivity methods, and on and on) from the past week.

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