I love John Siracusa’s take on the latest edition of the Mac Power Users podcast on “cold” emails and the need to “be polite” and reply to every single one we recieve:

I never felt like I needed to reply to every email, certainly not after I started getting a lot of email. Even when I got a little email it’s like … It’s like a cold call at home. If someone calls you and you didn’t ask them to call you and they call you and start asking questions … I don’t owe them anything. I don’t even know who you are or what you’re asking about. I don’t owe you any of my time; I didn’t ask for this email to come; It just lands in my inbox. I feel free to ignore it.

I never thought to compare unsolicited emails to cold calls, but they’re very similar. Yet, I quite often feel the need to “be polite” and give them some type of reply.

I spend at least 10 – 15 mintues each day replying to these types of emails.