Leo Babauta at Zen Habits:

The Model T was created after Henry Ford and his partner shipped a very imperfect Model A automobile, and had their mechanics gather real-world information about problems with the car. And then they made it better, one problem at a time.

They only gathered this information by shipping the car.

You’ll only gather the real-world information you need to make the habit stick (exercise, diet, meditation, reading, creating, non-procrastinating, yoga, etc.) by actually doing the habit.

My procrastination habit is vicious.

I find that, most of the time, much of what I’m afraid of (not knowing where to start, feeling unprepared, and the fear of failure) disappear once I actually start working on something.

And that fear of failure is a funny thing.

The fear of failure keeps me from producing things that matter, yet inherently I’ve failed because I never produced anything at all.

Risk is involved in everything that we do.

Everyone fails at one time or another.

Whether we fail by doing or fail by not doing is our choice to make.