Reed Hastings, CEO at Netflix, addressed the latest price hike to Netflix’s unlimited, 2 device plan:

According to the Netflix chief, it’s all about content — and the money needed to secure it. Hastings says raising your monthly subscription will improve Netflix’s ability “to acquire and offer high quality content, which is the number one member request.” The $9.99 rate, which covers Netflix’s most popular plan, marks the second time the streaming service has upped its cost since 2014.

Anyone upset about having to pay an extra dollar per month for good quality content is insane.

How quickly we forget how much we use to have to spend (in upwards of $4.99 per rental) to rent a movie at Blockbuster for only a few days time and then rush it back to the store so that we didn’t have to pay a late fee.

$10 per month for on demand movies and TV shows – albeit not the best movies and shows – is an absolute steal.

Source: Netflix CEO says price increase helps get the movies and shows you actually want to watch | The Verge