You’re Insane to Be Mad at Netflix’s Latest Price Hike

October 14, 2015

Reed Hastings, CEO at Netflix, addressed the latest price hike to Netflix’s unlimited, 2 device plan:

According to the Netflix chief, it’s all about content — and the money needed to secure it. Hastings says raising your monthly subscription will improve Netflix’s ability “to acquire and offer high quality content, which is the number one member request.” The $9.99 rate, which covers Netflix’s most popular plan, marks the second time the streaming service has upped its cost since 2014.

Anyone upset about having to pay an extra dollar per month for good quality content is insane.

How quickly we forget how much we use to have to spend (in upwards of $4.99 per rental) to rent a movie at Blockbuster for only a few days time and then rush it back to the store so that we didn’t have to pay a late fee.

$10 per month for on demand movies and TV shows – albeit not the best movies and shows – is an absolute steal.

Source: Netflix CEO says price increase helps get the movies and shows you actually want to watch | The Verge

Apple slims 1 TB Fusion Drive down to a measly 24 GB of flash storage

October 13, 2015

Apple released updated iMacs this morning, including a 4K 21.5-inch version. But, beware if you’re looking to pick up a model with one of their Fusion Drives:

A Fusion Drive, as most readers will likely recall, combines the cheap, vast storage of a traditional hard drive with the speed and efficiency of flash storage, with OS X automatically and intelligently moving files from the hard drive to the flash storage as needed to make those files more easily accessible.In previous versions of the Fusion Drive, Apple has included 128 GB of flash storage—enough to store a lot of large apps and files that you use frequently. In the new iMacs with 1 TB Fusion Drives, however, that number has been cut to an insanely small 24 GB.

I recommend going all flash storage for just a few hundred more. You won’t regret it.


Source: Apple slims 1 TB Fusion Drive down to a measly 24 GB of flash storage | 9to5Mac

Halo 5 Launch Trailer Released

October 12, 2015

Oh my. I’m not even a “Halo” guy and this makes me feel all giddy inside.

Zapier Saves Me 30+ Minutes a Week

June 7, 2015

I was pumped to be featured in Zapier’s blog post on Monday which introduced their new integration with one of my favorite Read It Later apps: Pocket.

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

“A huge pain point for me was getting visuals into the things we were sharing on Buffer,” says Mark Bailey, marketing coordinator for The Bailey Group. “Now, with this new Pocket integration, it automatically looks for those visuals and cuts out one to two minutes per post I share. Zapier is saving me at least 30 minutes a week.

“I tag posts in Pocket with either Twitter or Facebook, which then go to Buffer with the image attached for sharing. Our links look really good when we share them, they’re engaging, it’s no longer a text post.”

In case you hadn’t heard of it, Zapier lets you easily connect the web apps you use, making it easy to automate tedious tasks. Scaling myself and getting more done in less time has become a serious priority for me this year.

The Bailey Group's Twitter account with beautiful images and links.

This is what I always want The Bailey Group’s Twitter account to look like: beautiful engaging images with the links we share.

You can actually see the huge difference not having an image with the link makes. Would you click on that “Lyft’s CEO …” link? Would it get your attention? I bet not.

What about the story on “13 Companies that People Are Truly Happy to Work For”? See how engaging that is just by adding an image to the tweet?

The problem with doing this is it is time consuming. Finding great links to share on a weekly basis is hard enough. Adding images with those links is an extra step that can add 30 minutes on to my workload each week.

Zapier, with their new Pocket integration, just saved me 30 minutes a week because I can now automagically pull in the image with the link I’m sharing. I use Feedly to follow about 20 – 30 news outlets that share articles and information related to things that The Bailey Group’s target audience would be interested in. I then favorite articles in Feedly that I think could make the cut to our social media feed. Those favorited articles are automatically sent to Pocket using IFTTT, another service similar to Zapier.

From there, I go into Pocket, give a good read to the articles I marked as favorites in Feedly and tag the best articles as either “Facebook” or “Twitter”. Those articles are then automatically sent to Buffer using the Zapier integration I’ve set up. Before the Zapier integration, I use to have to pull in all those pretty images manually. Well, those days are officially over.

This is what my Pocket + Buffer integration looks like using Zapier.

Whenever I tag those articles in Pocket, they are automatically sent to Buffer with an accompanying photo. It doesn’t always work perfectly, but when it does it is magical.

There are some unbelievably cool things you can do using Zapier and I encourage you to check it out whenever you are feeling adventurous.

My 3 Favorite Apple Watch Faces

June 3, 2015

Since I received my Apple Watch last month, I’ve been surprised at the amount of people who notice I’m actually wearing the mythical Apple Watch. Equally surprising is the amount of people who say they really want one after seeing mine.

So, how do I like mine? More on that in a week or two. In the meantime, here are my 3 favorite Apple Watch faces.

My favorite Apple Watch faces.

Far and away my favorite face is the first one in the row, known as Modular.

I tend to use this one at work because of how easy it is to gain access to the information I care about during my workday; My next appointment is front and center and the time is pronounced. I use the timer in the bottom left corner to make sure I make it back and forth from my lunch break on time. The color changes based on the color shirt I’m wearing on any given day (Yes. I happened to be wearing orange at the time I took this screenshot).

#2 in my heart is the middle screenshot. This face is known as Utility. You can see where it gets its name from: There’s almost as much information on this face as the Modular face, it’s just displayed in a simpler way. I use this one the weekends when data doesn’t matter as much to me. I still like to see my next appointment on the bottom, with the current temperature and time in LA in the upper left and right corners.

I keep LA time on all my faces because I’m somewhat sentimental about the West Coast. Amy and I lived out there for two years and I definitely miss it at times. Plus, it comes in handy when I’m calling up my best buddy Lawrence to know whether he’s still at work or not.

Finally, we get to #3: Apple’s Simple watch face. Very similar to Utility, this one just removes the bigger numbers and skinnies up the tick marks around the dial. The color of the seconds hand is customizable on both the Simple and Utility faces. I tend to switch between Utility and Simple pretty frequently.