I’m Going to Be A Dad …

January 26, 2015
First sonogram of Baby Bailey

This picture is the most incredible thing I have ever seen and probably will ever see in my lifetime.

Looking at it evokes so many emotions in me: hope, excitement, fear, love, joy, and a few others I’ve never felt before.

All that is certain right now is that I want to be a great Dad.

There is no doubt in my mind that Amy will be an incredible Mom. She’s so loving, caring, selfless, thoughtful, devoted, and strong. And if Amy’s Mom is any indication, she’ll have this whole Mom thing down from the get go.

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that the instincts that go along with being a Dad will “just come” over time.

If my son or daughter ends up loving me as much as I love my Dad, then I know I will have achieved that greatness I seek.

You can read Amy’s take on our pregnancy on her blog, The Funky Fork.