I was pumped to be featured in Zapier's blog post on Monday which introduced their new integration with one of my favorite Read It Later apps: Pocket.

Here's an excerpt from the post:

"A huge pain point for me was getting visuals into the things we were sharing on Buffer," says Mark Bailey, marketing coordinator for The Bailey Group. "Now, with this new Pocket integration, it automatically looks for those visuals and cuts out one to two minutes per post I share. Zapier is saving me at least 30 minutes a week.

"I tag posts in Pocket with either Twitter or Facebook, which then go to Buffer with the image attached for sharing. Our links look really good when we share them, they're engaging, it's no longer a text post."

In case you hadn't heard of it, Zapier lets you easily connect the web apps you use, making it easy to automate tedious tasks. Scaling myself and getting more done in less time has become a serious priority for me this year.


The Bailey Group's Twitter account with beautiful images and links.


This is what I always want The Bailey Group's Twitter account to look like: beautiful engaging images with the links we share.

You can actually see the huge difference not having an image with the link makes. Would you click on that "Lyft's CEO ..." link? Would it get your attention? I bet not.

What about the story on "13 Companies that People Are Truly Happy to Work For"? See how engaging that is just by adding an image to the tweet?

The problem with doing this is it is time consuming. Finding great links to share on a weekly basis is hard enough. Adding images with those links is an extra step that can add 30 minutes on to my workload each week.

Zapier, with their new Pocket integration, just saved me 30 minutes a week because I can now automagically pull in the image with the link I'm sharing. I use Feedly to follow about 20 – 30 news outlets that share articles and information related to things that The Bailey Group's target audience would be interested in. I then favorite articles in Feedly that I think could make the cut to our social media feed. Those favorited articles are automatically sent to Pocket using IFTTT, another service similar to Zapier.

From there, I go into Pocket, give a good read to the articles I marked as favorites in Feedly and tag the best articles as either "Facebook" or "Twitter". Those articles are then automatically sent to Buffer using the Zapier integration I've set up. Before the Zapier integration, I use to have to pull in all those pretty images manually. Well, those days are officially over.

This is what my Pocket + Buffer integration looks like using Zapier.

Whenever I tag those articles in Pocket, they are automatically sent to Buffer with an accompanying photo. It doesn't always work perfectly, but when it does it is magical.

There are some unbelievably cool things you can do using Zapier and I encourage you to check it out whenever you are feeling adventurous.